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Estes is an award winning writer/director whose body of work includes feature film, commercials for national brands, short film, documentary work, et al. Estes' first feature Changeover (2016) has garnered many awards at film festivals such as Idyllwild and World Fest, and is available on  Scroll down for what others have said about his directing work.


"Tarver may wear a number of creative hats in this film, but he certainly is capable of doing all three and has put together an important piece of social commentary that ranks with the best of independent drama.”

-John Higgins Cinema Jam


Director Estes Tarver excels at illustrating complex psychological interiorities, and in using visual means, rather than relying on just dialogue, to communicate meaning. His film is heartwarming and nuanced, capturing characters as they are thrown into unimaginable circumstances. Tarver gives the individuals the space they need to grow and breathe, letting them work through grief at their own pace. As such, the pacing of the film is beautifully languorous, which lets the viewer connect more deeply with the characters.

Flix Premiere - Close up Magazine


“Director Estes Tarver, who superbly plays Uncle Chad, literally pulls no punches in his portrayal of family life, and does so with a single-parent structure that heightens the agony, vulnerability and social relevance. Changeover is a film puissant, one that pulls the drapes on parent-child issues that are even more tectonic in real life.”

D.F. Whipple, New Hope Film Festival