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About Estes

Estes Tarver is an award wining actor, director, writer, and producer working out of Raleigh, NC. He has acted in NYC, LA, NC, and regionally. Estes has worked on such shows as “House of Cards”, “The Outsiders”, "Mr. Mercedes", Burden and many other television shows.  You might also have seen him as a recurring guest star in season two of Under The Dome on CBS as Tom Tilden.  On stage, Estes has worked off-broadway and regionally with oscar/emmy nominated award-winning directors and actors. He has written and produced award winning film and his feature film Changeover can be seen on Amazon. He has also produced, written, and directed national brand commercials (Walgreens, Alli, Hasbro…etc).  Estes has a Masters in acting from UNC-Chapel Hill 

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